What our veterans say

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We’ve worked with thousands of veterans as they get used to civilian life again.

Here’s what some of them have to say: 


"I didn't think it would work"

“Everything was sorted easily. I didn’t think it would work. I was a cynic. I was guided and supported so gently and expertly, that I began to engage. By engaging, I got so much more out of my treatment.”   


"Really positive experience"

“The most helpful part was that everything was looked at holistically (assessed by occupational therapist) and that there was one point of contact the whole time i.e. housing/mental health etc. 

"The same person I could sit down with each time and I picked everything up and I was guided in finding solutions. 

"Even right through to the end when I was due to be discharged. 

"The clinician checked if I was ready to be discharged and checked that I knew how to refer back in should needs be. 

"The clinician went through everything on the 'to-do list' to check everything had been finalised etc. 

"Really positive experience that I had not had from any other service.”  


"It's made me realise I'm not alone"

“Since I have opened up to former veteran friends I served with, it has made me realise that I am not alone with the pain, anger and frustration our time served.

"We all came from different backgrounds and were moulded into a unit, disciplined and structured to become front line serving soldiers."


"I am capable of change, thanks to the support"

“It’s down to the commitment and trust of my GP and mental health liaison officer over the last year, that I am still battling daily to achieve a much better me.

"Having also a tremendously supportive partner has also given me hope that I am capable of change, thanks to all the support I have currently experienced.” 


"I never felt pushed or rushed"

“I have found the therapy so useful, it was tailored to what I needed and I never felt pushed or rushed at any time.

"If I needed to step back I was allowed to and we worked out a way to help me cope.

"I would tell others that looking at the past can be really painful but it’s so worth it .” 


"I'm starting to live my life again"

“You have taught me not to worry about things I don’t have control over.

"The time spent with you has improved my quality of life. The proof is in the people who are close to me who tell me that I’ve turned a page.

"I’m more like my old self than I have been in years. If you have cured me of that memory, it’d be the best present anyone has given me in 40 years.

"My friend said that it’s the first time in five years that my sense of humour has come back. I’m starting to live my life again.”  


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